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Rage Zombie Shooter Rage Zombie Shooter

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game started out great, it really did, it was fun and looked like it had a nice charm to it.

But by the fifth day, the swarm of zombies and lack of possible upgrades made it too annoying and aggravating to play, MAINLY BECAUSE YOU EARN NO MONEY IF YOU DIE!!!

I get dying many times, that's acceptable in a game, but the fact that you earn no money by doing so, and farming the same damn level with the same annoying ass zombies isn't fun to do. maybe if you did earn money to buy better weapons or armor, it would be acceptable, but it's not.

This game seriously just isn't fun after the first few levels.

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The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game literally does EVERYTHING correct.

Style and Story wise, this game is priceless! A guy stuck in a trench, getting upgrades from nowhere and some how getting all of the funny things that the enemy forces say! I seriously love a game with a sense of humor and this one just has it in droves.
The gameplay is where this story succeeds the most though, in that while it is heavily repetitive, it is catchy and fun, and there really is nothing more fun to do than shoot at endless waves of enemies.
The thing that I love about this game, that a lot of games seem to fail to do right, is that it makes this challenging but not rage inducing. I recently played a game that was fun to play, but in the end got far too frustrating and impossible for me to enjoy anymore. Not this game though! There were a few times were I was beaten, but it was because the fight was challenging, and when I overcame the challenge, I felt good.

This game does everything right. It's funny, well made, and can be played for hours without getting annoying or tiresome.

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Heavy Pawnage Heavy Pawnage

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game starts out great. When I first played, I couldn't stop, it was tons of fun shooting up robots, and a great way to kill time. However, the very sad thing to me is the difficulty as you progress through the game.
I reached level 7,8,9 and 10 before I rage quit. The reason is because it's fun to have a challenge, but it is not fun to get swarmed by extremely overly armored robots, fast suicide bombers, and to be fired at from a distance with rocket lobbing robots!
Worst thing is that I managed to upgrade my armor, speed and weapon clip sizes to the max, and I was wielding the most powerful melee, MG-12 and the Lancer. However, in those swarms of enemies, I unload the clip of the MG-12 in less than a few seconds with full ammo upgrades, and the Lancer suffers the same fate with little effectiveness. They both are simply too weak and do not last long enough for those situations.
AND it's more annoying with those rocket droids, and how it is literally impossible to avoid their rockets, DESPITE having the highest speed and lightest weapon.

ALSO, might I add that I think the Special Weapon Clip upgrade is broken, as I upgraded it full, but the Lancer and Encaser had no changes to clip size.

So, while this game was fun to play for a while, it lost its fun and became a storm of unfair rage, which is the last thing you want in a game like this. You want to give players a challenge, but you want to make sure they still have fun.

So while the game was fun to play at first,

Last Invader Last Invader

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Are you bored out of your mind? Don't have any good free games to play? Do you want to just kick back and enjoy destroying waves of enemies? THEN LAST INVADER IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!!

I played this game for a solid half an hour, and I love it! There's a few issues I'll address, but I do recommend it!

The game has good and charming artstyle to fit the epic music in the background. However, the game is pointless without actual fun right? Well this game delivers. Like most other wave survival games, this one pins you against waves of enemies. All of which get more and more difficult. However I love the enemy designs, and I especially liked the epic onslaught of when the enemies send forth their bosses.
The game is exciting and full of action. The weapons are fun too, all unique and with plenty of destruction to offer. The small map keeps you from getting lost, and the sheer feeling of being one against many gives you the feeling of being a stone cold badass!


This game unfortunately suffers from a few small things.
1. the upgrades are ridiculously expensive, and you don't earn a whole lot of points for each round. Not to mention the fact that you'll spend a good majority of your money on repairs.
2. I didn't like how you were forced into your weapons. I was happy with my pierce shot until I spawned right on top a rocket. Also this results in you upgrading in weapons you don't have/need/want.
3. THE ABSOLUTE BANE OF THIS GAME is that when you die, you start over. Now I don't much care that you start at wave one. But all your weapons and upgrades go to. I HATE IT when wave survival games do this. All that work to survive is wiped away and makes you feel like you did everything all for nothing. That's the only problem with this game and it stops it from being any better.

Overall, this game is fun, addicting and is a good game just to kick back and enjoy the onslaught. However with the clean slate after death, this game is halted to a 3.5 stars. I love it, and I'll be playing for a while, but with that death mechanic, I can't give it any higher.

Xtreme Parkour Simulator 2015 Xtreme Parkour Simulator 2015

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I am so sorry to say that this was in no way good.

For starts, the graphics are nothing to brag about, and that music is absolutely dreadful. No way to turn it off.
But the worst part of it? The fact that the mouse was not in any way centered. The window broke through the browser, and no matter how hard I try to scroll, I'll never be orientated in the way I need. I tried a solid ten minutes to get to the top and the mouse would not allow me.

You also rate this as a Parkour game right? Then why is the only mechanic to jump? Parkour games should simulate far more than just jumping, otherwise everyone in the world could master parkour in half an hour.

I do not recommend this game to anyone. I'm sorry developer, but this is an experience of frustration not fun. I hope you try again and make it work with more to offer, but until then, this experience only teaches that this method does not work.

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Bridge Tactics 2 Bridge Tactics 2

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm sorry to say, but I cannot at all say that this is a good physics or puzzle game.

It started out great. Planting your explosives and waiting for the right moment, that's what a puzzle game needs. But the fact you have to shoot them all before the enemy runs is annoying because you can't always shoot them right!
And also, the game has no physics, which a game like this absolutely demands!!! I know bridge physics because I learned them in engineering, and one diagonal support wont be able to hold up an entire bridge when the rest of the supports are intact!
Not to mention the objective is far from clear. DO YOU WANT ME TO BLOW THE BRIDGE OR THE SOLDIERS?! Because I couldn't get past the fourth level because
1: the soldiers aren't worth enough
2: there isn't enough dynamite
3: the physics are broken
4: the fact that the trial and error is so tedious and unbelievably frustrating, it drives me to growing tired and angry from the game! And puzzle games are meant to be challenging in a fun sense. But this one is so slow, so broken and so frustrating that it only makes it annoying.

And this isn't because I'm bad at puzzle games. I love puzzle games and I'm pretty good at them too. But this is so poorly done and broken that it just makes me frustrated. So sorry, but this gets a 0 out of 5.

The Last Stand Union City The Last Stand Union City

Rated 4 / 5 stars

There's a shortage of really good Flash Survivor Zombie Games out there, and this one does come out on top as a very good and well made game. Not without its flaws but still containing a load of fun.

The story mode is very basic, you have an outbreak by unknown causes, you go to find your wife and discover a branch of the military is up to no good, and then try to escape only to discover your wife turns to a zombie. IT'S VERY BASIC.

But a really nice touch were the messages on the walls and the documents here and there. Each had their sad goodbyes or realities and some others had information. Honestly though, I felt this was under exploited as most of these messages were a bunch of sorry goodbyes. It would have been better if a handful of them were instructions to weapon staches, locations keys, blueprints for weapons or revealed how this Outbreak started.

There wasn't much to the gameplay. WASD to move, mouse to aim, R to reload, but what striked me as strange was you scroll over items to search them instead of just pressing E. But it was nice considering doing it the old way could result in taking stuff unnecessary or accidentally opening a door instead of searching a box.

I felt like more could have been done, but it was good. An evasion move would have been useful or a way to avoid bullets and punches would have helped a great deal. However the shove mechanic was really useful and saved my ass quite a bit.

I also liked the companion option, but I was disappointed to only find two companions. However I felt that giving them a full inventory for two weapons and armor would have been very helpful. Cause my guys die to quickly sometimes.

One thing I really wanted to mention was the upgrade system which I really liked, but I was annoyed that you only had 1 and 10 points and that you couldn't upgrade those to be higher. However I felt like there wasn't enough to do to max out your character's stats.

One of my big pet peeves was the constant missing. Even though I was point blank range with a sniper rifle I somehow miss... why? I get with a shotgun at medium range, an automatic at longer and a damaged sniper at long range... but still it was infuriating.

The survival mode however was well rounded as you had to sleep and eat. However even with high stats I was constantly starving and loosing sleep which was annoying to say the least. And unfortunately, once you loot everything, it becomes hard to find food to stay alive... but I digress.

OH BEFORE I FORGET!!! I am a true believer in SMART movement engines, and felt this could have been done as well. To slide on the ground (and knock your enemies down), climb up objects, climb buildings and obvious ladders and maybe even do aerial kicks would have been cool.

This game did an excellent job with the weapons. Several types of the same category and all in different conditions makes you prioritize your style which was really good. Also the upgrades for your character did help with the performance, but not well enough to overlook the missing trait. And while it was a bit realistic to have your weapon unloaded when you put in the slot, it was annoying to know that I reloaded it, switched it, switched it again and found it unloaded... CONTINUITY ERROOOOR!!!!

I liked the bonus weapons you find in your storage, but seriously man, I found no 50. Cal ammo and was severely upset. For a 28 pound weapon and no ammo was seriously disappointing.

My biggest pet peeve was the Melee weapons Range deal. At point blank range I can't hit the enemy, and at the edge of my weapon I couldn't hit them. Especially with the battle axe, it wouldn't hit anywhere higher than the blade. If you can't change the range of each melee weapon, the least you could do is try to keep their size relative to the size of the hitbox.

It's obvious. There's armor here, and even zombies have it. But I've seen no difference between going butt naked and wearing a Kevlar vest. Also why do Zombies have the rights to riot shields and we don't?
That should be considered.

However I really liked the idea that you met that guy who would build you weapons for parts. Unfortunately though, that joy didn't last long as he only built 3 weapons and could do no more.

What I felt should have been done was that you found more people like him, who built either very rare or down right impossible to gather weapons in exchange for parts.

It would have also been amazing if you pulled off a Dead Rising and allowed us to craft our own insane weapons out of the spare parts.

And while all of this would have taken extra work, I felt it should have been done because of the over- abundance of parts and no use for them is silly. In a world of apocalypse, crafting IS ESSENTIAL.

It was nice of you to put in the trader, who'd trade you good stuff for cash. It was a generally good system, but I found it again, under-exploited.

In simplicity, trading in ONLY CASH was a waste of resources. It would have been better to find multiple traders who traded in different things. Someone who'd accept junk, or weapons or health items would have been better. Cause we get all these guns and parts and no use for them.

This was a final peeve of mine. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, I loved how there was so much to explore... but I was VERY disappointed to find out all those detailed spots weren't explorable and that only a few were. This shortens the gameplay time by a large value and made the ending unsatisfying because you had nothing left to do.


Cons: This game lacks several features EVERY APOCALYPTIC GAME SHOULD HAVE.
The lack of area to explore, slowness to upgrade, lack of crafting, few companions/traders/builders, weapon troubles and occasional bugs are what really stops this game from being perfect.

However the games constant fun, survival mode, weapon diversity and clothes, upgrade, lockpicking, shoving, companions AND MORE definitely keep this game fun, scary and long enough to be satisfied. I definitely advise everyone to take this for a long ass ride.

Take this review as suggestions for your next big game Con-Artists. I think you can make a better Last Stand even though this one is already damn good.

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Skid Row: The Game Skid Row: The Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game is a real challenge and is rather grotesque in the fact PROSTITUTES, SHOOT NEEDLES FROM THEIR NIPPLES!!!

But let me go into detail.

This game has no ending clearly, and an upgrade system that goes on which I find interesting, but it's excessively difficult to get through the horde of enemies that all attack at once with a method of unblockable attacks. This makes it ubseenly difficult to make progress especially because the character is so slooooow.

However the fun of it is the challenge, but after a while it becomes more annoying to the fact that you can't make any progression. I think that for one, there should be more weapons, and two, that the upgrade system should be changed.
What you should try is that every kill and middle finger coin adds points to which you can spend after dying to upgrade. Make yourself stronger and your weapons too. This way you don't die over and over and make no progress.

tedgaming responds:

Starting a new game actually keeps all your previous progress so you can continue to grind endlessly.

Undead Hunter Undead Hunter

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This, was a fantastic game! A nice, simple and very basic game but it was done nicely!

First off, I love the characters look. A guy in a long coat with a peaked hood and gasmask.... That's me in the Apocalypse!!! Though he could use a couple extra things like pockets and armor scraps, but nothing to really complain about!

The Gameplay itself is decent but not excellent. I like the wandering around and blowing up blocks to move forward, and I especially love the surviving of radiation, electricity, chemicals and enemies, but my favorite part was blowing up everything! That was fun!
Though I think that the health on this dude is silly. It would have been nice if you could have upgraded the health or grab armor plates for him, because that last level... wow I didn't have enough health.
The guns were neat, and all had their distinctive uses. Quite like the bombs.

The enemies were fun too, it was cool with the anti-stalkers and the robots, but that last level was very difficult because of those damn machines. But fair enough it was the final level.

In summary, this was a cool little small flash game that I really enjoyed! Aside from a couple of problems I had, I really enjoyed myself. Keep making awesome games and keep using those awesome long coats!!!